These are chatbots that I've planned, designed, and created.

A bot I created for Ryno Resumes, a company that sells resume services. Rybot answers questions about the business, helps users place an order, and can transfer them to a live chat agent.

Tools used: Tidio, Google Sheets, MS Word, Camtasia

A short quiz that asks trivia questions about pioneering women throughout history.

Tools used: Chatfuel

A bot prototype I created for my UX Writers Collective Chatbot Writing & Design certification course.

Tools used: Botsociety,, Google Sheets, Google Docs

A chatbot I created to answer questions about me and why I'm a great conversation designer.

Tools used: ManyChat, MS Word

Chatbots I coded in Python for a Codecademy course. They're saved as Gists on GitHub so you can review the code. If you're savvy, you can download them and run them.

Tools used: Codecademy, Python, GitHub