Why Hire Me?

I’m a usability geek. 🤓

I’m passionate about usability and user experience! I’ve studied UX design, human-computer interaction, information architecture, and content strategy. I see opportunities for UX improvement everywhere, from my remote control to a bottle of hand lotion to the 1986 film The Fly (I’m not kidding, check out my LinkedIn page for my “usability stories”).


I fight for the users. 💪

I’m a fierce user advocate with a knack for analyzing audiences and customizing content for users with varying levels of knowledge and experience. Through my background in technical support and customer service, I learned how to explain complex technical concepts in terms that anyone can understand. I’m obsessed with creating task-based, user-focused, dynamic content that helps users get things done and move on with their day. Users are busy people, and I’m here to make things easier for them.


I have mad skills. 😎

I have a master’s degree in technical communication and over 8 years of experience writing clear, usable, engaging end user software documentation that helps users learn new technology so they can use it to accomplish their goals. I have built knowledge bases, written user guides, and even created instructional videos. I’m a Certified Conversation Designer through Robocopy, and I’m certified in Chatbot Writing and Design through the UX Writers Collective. I draw on my technical writing experience and technical support background to plan, design, and write chatbot conversation flows that are clear, concise, and engaging.


My kung fu is the best. 👊

I specialize in planning, designing, and building chatbots and online knowledge bases from scratch and transforming outdated, overly complicated, or confusing content into clear, consistent, effective documentation that will inform, satisfy, and delight customers and keep them coming back. I can take an 80-page user guide full of overly-formal complicated language written in the passive voice that overwhelms and confuses users and transform it into an easy-to-read, well organized, task-based user guide that’s half the length (and I did – see National Student Clearinghouse’s PDP submission guide).

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